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Professional advice on starting a business in Minnesota
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You have always dreamed of starting your own business.  You have a plan.  You have the passion.  Now you just need to get started.  We can help you hit the ground running . . .
Starting a business can be exciting and challenging.  If you have found this website, you have probably already thought about starting your own business someday.  Maybe you have already started the business but have decided you need additional help to get things off the ground.  Either way, we can help.

The premise of this website is that you can't do it alone.  In order for your business to succeed, you will need the help of trusted advisors and professionals.  People who have helped others like you.  People who have often started their own businesses at one time just as you are doing now.  People you can trust.

For almost any business to succeed, it will often need professional help in the following major areas:

1.     Legal

2.     Accounting, Banking, and Finance

3.     Insurance and Employee Benefits

4.     Marketing and Website Development

Most business owners will tell you that when they need to hire a vendor or professional advisor, they will most likely seek a referral from someone they trust.  In turn, that person puts his or her reputation on the line when making the referral.  As a result, close-knit groups of professional advisors often develop for cross-referrals of business.

This website was built by one of those groups, made up of a hand-selected group of Twin Cities lawyers, accountants, bankers, financial advisors, insurance brokers, employee benefits consultants, marketing experts, and web developers who trust one another enough to refer their own clients to others in the group. 

The sponsors of this website are excited about their own businesses . . . and about helping yours.  They are recognized and respected in their areas of expertise and share a commitment to excellent client service.

If you are reading this website, you may have been referred here directly by one of its sponsors because you have requested a referral to a professional outside of his/her expertise.  If so, this site has been written with you in mind.
If you have found this website on your own . . . well, you may have stumbled onto a good thing.  In addition to serving our existing clients, we are interested in developing relationships with new ones. 

Come check us out.  If you like what you see, contact any of the professionals highlighted here to learn more.  If nothing else, we hope you benefit from the practical tips that are included in this website.

Good luck with your Minnesota business startup!

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